Case Studies

Jamieson Insurance Upgrades to Hosted IP Phones

Upgrading to a Hosted IP Phone Service meant planning for fluid connectivity between multiple office locations and giving administrators at Jamieson Insurance the ability and ease to manage phone lines and users. Details

Birdseye Building Company

Helping a long time customer upgrade their dated, hardware-based phone system to a faster, more flexible service. We managed to mold a new system that complied with their usage requirements and be scalable for future expansion. Details

Junction Auto Center

Helping a long time customer and successful Vermont business transition to a cost effective Hosted IP Phone solution and boost bandwidth for staff and customers by expanding fiber optics. Details


A coworking office space outfitted with optimal Wi-Fi speeds for groups of people working on any number of devices at on time. Valley.Works was looking for strong, reliable service that they didn't have to think about. Details