Watch live sports events

Green Mountain Access high-speed Internet customers now have FREE access to ESPN3, your ticket to sports. To access ESPN3 programming, just visit the ESPN3 website from your Green Mountain Access high-speed Internet connection.


What is ESPN3?

ESPN3 is a broadband network for live sports programming. ESPN3 harnesses the quality ESPN has built through its TV networks and delivers online sports programming to fans through a rich, interactive, and easy-to-use experience. ESPN3 broadcasts thousands of live games and events online each year. A majority of the events are exclusive to ESPN3, while others are broadband-enhanced versions of games from one of ESPN’s TV networks.

What can I watch on ESPN3?

Exclusive programming on ESPN3 includes college football, college basketball, NCAA Championships, tennis, golf, soccer, cricket and more. Limited events from ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU still exist on ESPN3 during some windows.

When can I still watch ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU live events on ESPN3?

ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU live events will still be available on ESPN3 weekdays from 12:01am-5:59pm and weekends from 12:01am-11:59am. All times local.

How can I tell which specific games are blacked out in my area?

Blackout maps denoting areas of coverage are located next to each event in the schedule page.

Will I still be able to watch those GamePlan and Full Court games on ESPN3?

Yes, games available on GamePlan and Full Court will continue to be carried on ESPN3, subject to local and regional blackouts.

Will replays still be available on ESPN3?

Yes, ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU replays will continue to be made available on ESPN3. Replays will be accessible as early as immediately after the conclusion of the event and no later than 2:30 a.m. ET that evening.

If I have access to ESPN3, why don’t I have access to WatchESPN?

WatchESPN requires a video subscription from an affiliated provider. Waitsfield Cable and Green Mountain Access customers don’t currently have access to this content per our contract with ESPN.

How do I access ESPN3 programming? is free to all Green Mountain Access high-speed Internet subscribers. Just visit from your green Mountain Access high-speed Internet connection and ESPN3 will automatically recognize you as a Green Mountain Access subscriber and you will have immediate access to online content.

Additional FAQ’s are available on the ESPN3 website.