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April 14th, 2017

HouseNeeds Leverages WCVT Hosted IP Phone Service for Their Call Center

HouseNeedsAbout HouseNeeds

HouseNeeds is North America’s leading provider of energy efficient, environmentally friendly, home heating and ventilation products and is based right here in Waitsfield, Vt. The company’s local showroom is worth a visit, as it’s filled with all kinds of energy saving products, including solar heating systems; pellet, gas, and wood stoves; radiant heat supplies; tankless water heaters; high efficiency boilers; Rinnai gas space heaters; and other related items. A large part of HouseNeeds’ business is online sales through its website at Visitors to this site will find many of the same items as in the showroom plus plumbing supplies, HVAC systems, house fans, and repair parts for the equipment HouseNeeds sells.

The Challenge

An existing hardware-based phone system wasn’t able to keep up with the changing needs of the company. The old phones needed to be updated with current technology to reduce costs, help employees be more efficient, and serve customers better.

“With Hosted IP Phone Service from WCVT, I’m confident that I have both the technology in place to grow with me, and a local provider who is here to support me and my business.” – Branwell Lepp, President, Houseneeds

The Solution and Benefits

HouseNeeds worked with WCVT employees Kris Merchant, Nick Sterner, and Todd Garthaffner to design a phone system that could meet its complex needs and replace its older, failing hardware-based system.

HouseNeeds President Branwell Lepp says, “We’ve been a customer of WCVT for many years, so we already had a good working relationship and they had an understanding of what we needed. We wanted the new system to not only replicate existing functionality and work with our existing business processes, but also be flexible and scalable enough to meet our future needs, and most of all, be affordable.”

  • Low Up-front Costs and Scalability – HouseNeeds made the switch to a hosted solution with very little upfront investment. The new hosted solution provides in-creased flexibility, and unlike the existing hardware-based system, it can easily grow with the company as needed.
  • Future Proofing – With Hosted IP Phone Service from WCVT, I’m confident that I have both the technology in place to grow with me, and a local provider who is here to support me and my business as my needs continue to grow and change,” comments Lepp.

Interested In Learning More About Hosted IP Phone Services For Your Business?

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