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Make sure your computer is directly connected to your computer with an ethernet cable (the yellow cord that came with your modem)

Open your internet browser and clear the address bar at the top. Type the modem’s IP address, as shown, and press Enter on your keyboard

A window requesting a login will appear. Type the word admin in both the username and password fields, and click OK or Login

Once you are logged into the modem, click on Wireless on the left, then click Security

If you want to change your password, clear the WPA/WAPI Passphrase field (the current password will look like a series of dots), then type the new password into that field. The password must be at least eight characters long, and it is case sensitive. To see the password, click the link where it says “Click here to display” and the password will be displayed in a separate window. Click Apply at the bottom, then close the browser window.

To add a password to your wireless network, click the drop down arrow in the Network Authentication field and change it to Mixed WPA2/WPA-PSK, then follow the steps above.

To remove your password completely (NOT recommended), click the drop down arrow in the Network Authentication field and change it to Open. Click Apply at the bottom, then close the browser window. Please note: This will allow any device within range of your wireless network to connect to it, with or without your permission. We recommend keeping your network password protected.