Currently there are no known network issues. If you are experiencing an issue please contact us.

If you already have registered a domain, or if you would like to register a new domain (example:, and you would like to host your website with us, we can help you out. Below is a list of the prices and features of our web hosting service:

Pricing Information

$10.00 per month for 1 gigabyte of space, which includes 1 MySQL database

$25.00 one time set-up fee

$40.00 domain registration for two years at $20 per year (optional)

$2.00 per month for DNS hosting only

Technical Information

Upload directory: public_html

Domain Name Servers:

Email Alias Information

With your virtual web hosting account you are allowed unlimited alias email addresses (, and up to 5 mailboxes on our mail server. Additional boxes are available at $1.00 per month for each one. Alias addresses can also be pointed to another server, such as a gmail or yahoo address.

MX Record Information

Use the following MX record configuration to point your hosted email addresses to GMA (where “” is your domain):


Contact Information

If you have questions about an existing domain hosted with us, or you would like to set up domain hosting, please contact Tech Support at 888-321-0815 or send an email to