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Welcome to GMA Video! Please note that your GMA Video service is only authenticated for use at your physical location. If you connect your Roku player to an Internet connection outside of your home, your GMA Video service will not work.

If you run into any issues while following the instructions below, please call Tech Support at 888-321-0815 or send an email to

Set Up Your Roku Streaming Stick

Step 1 — Connect to your TV

  • Simply plug the Roku Stick into an available HDMI input on your TV. Be sure to make note of which TV input you used

Step 2 — Connect the Power Cord

  • Use the included power cable to connect the Roku Stick to either the power adapter or an available USB port on your TV

Step 3 — Power Up Key Components

  • Turn on your TV and select the TV input you used in step one (you will use your TV remote for this part)
  • Install the batteries for the Roku remote

Step 4 — Complete the Guided Setup

  • During the guided setup, you’ll be prompted to connect to a wireless network. Select your network from the list of available networks by going to the Settings menu on your Roku stick
  • If your wireless network has a password, enter the password when prompted. (Note: passwords are case sensitive)
  • Your Roku stick will let you know if there is a software update available, and will restart after the update is complete

Step 5 — Create a Roku Account Online (if you already have a Roku account, skip this step)

  • On your computer, go to: Create an account and make a note of the email account and password you used (you will need this to make changes to your account, add channels, etc.). Roku accounts are free, but a valid credit card is required to create your account (this is a Roku policy, and independent of Green Mountain Access). Roku will only charge your credit card if you authorize purchases like paid channels, games or other content from the Roku Channel store

Step 6 — Link Your Roku Stick to Your Account

  • On your computer, follow the instructions to link your Roku stick to your Roku account. Your Roku stick will generate a unique code that links your player to your new account. The link code should be displayed on the TV screen after the Roku stick restarts

Step 7 — Add the GMA Video Channel to Your Roku

  • On your computer, make sure you are logged into your Roku account
  • Go to
  • Click ‘Add Channel’ (you may get a warning about adding a private channel, add it anyway). Once you add the channel, it should show on your Roku home screen immediately. If it doesn’t, you can refresh the channels on your Roku home screen by going to the menu on the left and selecting Settings > System Update or Settings > Player Info. Select ‘Check Now’ if the update does not run automatically

Step 8 — Enjoy!

  • To watch, simply select the GMA Video channel from your Roku home screen (it’s the one with the Green Mountain Access logo)

How to Navigate the GMA Video Channel Using the Roku Remote

  • Press the up arrow button on the Roku remote to access the channel list (it will appear at the bottom of your TV screen). The right/left arrow buttons on the remote will allow you to scroll through the list of channels. Use the ‘OK’ button on the remote to select a channel you would like to watch. The down arrow button will hide the channel list

Control Your Roku Player From Your Mobile Device

  • You can try the free Roku Remote App available for iPhone® and Android™ (available in the Apple App Store for iPhone® or the Google Play Store for Android™) that turns your phone into a Roku remote. You can control any Roku player on your network via the app. It includes all the navigation buttons available on the remote, as well as a touch screen keyboard

Have questions? Give Tech Support a call at 888-321-0815 or send an email to