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You can log directly into your spam dashboard to access emails that have been caught in spam, instead of waiting for your Daily Digest email.

Open a web browser and go to Enter your email address and password as shown below. Click on the ‘GO TO SPAM’ button.

To see messages caught by the spam filter, click on the ‘Messages’ tab at the top. To release a message to your inbox, click on the message to select it, then click on ‘Release’

To keep future messages from the sender from being caught in spam, check the box where it says “Modify my friends, enemies or other filter settings” and click OK

Select the sender’s information in the box and click finish

The message should show up in your inbox, and future messages from the sender should not be caught in the spam filter. If you have any questions, or your messages are still getting caught is spam after you have gone through this process, please give Tech Support a call at 888-321-0815