Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom - Manage My Acount Online

The Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom Electronic Bill Payment Service ("the Service") is a service provided to you by Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom.

  1. The Service is provided at no charge to our customers who have a valid Waitsfield & Champlain Valley or Green Mountain Access account.
  2. By using the Service, you can make a payment online for the current balance of your Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom or Green Mountain Access account, by using a credit card. The accepted credit cards include: Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Payments made using the Service will be reflected on your next phone or Internet statement.
  3. By using the Service, you authorize us to assess a charge in an amount that you specify on the credit card that you specify. You agree that you will instruct us to do so only when sufficient credit is available on your credit card account at the time of the charge. If you do not have sufficient credit, we reserve the right to add a fee for non-sufficient funds to the balance on your telephone service account with us. We are under no obligation to notify you if we cannot complete a payment because there is insufficient credit available on your credit card account. In all cases, you are responsible for making alternate payment arrangements or making the payment through the Service at a future time when sufficient credit is available; and you are responsible for ensuring that payment is made by the payment due date. You should review your agreement with your credit card company to determine if there are any applicable restrictions that would impact your use of the Service.
  4. If you have requested your bill to be sent to you via email, you accept that Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom will have no responsibility for any email which is sent, but which you do not receive. In particular, you agree that you will provide us with a valid and current email address. If you change this email address, or it becomes disabled for whatever reason, you will notify us of this fact immediately. Your obligation to pay all outstanding moneys to Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom by the date set out on your bill remains unchanged.
  5. If you do not request your bill to be sent to you in email, you will continue to receive your bill by U.S. mail.
  6. Customers wishing to use any part of the Service must first register for the Service, and thereby obtain a user ID and password. A valid user ID and password are required in order to obtain access to the Service.
  7. We will make every effort to ensure that access to the Service is available on a 7 x 24 basis. However, availability of the Service cannot be guaranteed.
  8. Complete security of your transactions and information is the foremost consideration of our service. We use 128-bit encryption for all transactions using a security protocol known as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to secure e-commerce transactions.
  9. To use the Service, you must have: a computer equipped with a modem or other method of accessing the Internet, such as a local area network (LAN); service with an Internet service provider; and a user ID and password for the Service. Your browser must support 128-bit encryption.
  10. To maintain a high level of security, we recommend that you do the following:
    1. Ensure that both your user ID and password are kept secure at all times.
    2. In choosing a password, take care to ensure that it is one that is not likely to be anticipated by anyone attempting to access the Service pretending to be you.
    3. Do not disclose your user ID or password to anyone other than our Customer Services staff member.
    4. Do not record your password in any form that identifies it as being a password to access the Service.
    5. Contact us immediately upon discovering or suspecting that your password is being used by or is known by a third party.
    6. Do not allow any other person to access your account via the Service.
    7. While accessing the Service, do not leave your computer or any similar device used for accessing the Service unattended.
    8. Prior to accessing the service from any computer connected to a local area network (LAN), take steps to ensure that no other party will be able to see, copy or access information and/or obtain your user identification number and/or password.
    9. Change your password immediately if we request that you do so.
    10. Take all reasonable steps to ensure that the computer or any similar device that you are using to access the Service is free from computer viruses. Also take reasonable measures to ensure that the computer or other device you are using is itself adequately protected against the receipt of computer viruses.
  11. Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom will have no liability for any use of your user ID or password that was not authorized by you and us. If you think your user ID or password has been compromised or if someone has used the Service without your permission, you must tell us at once. For your protection, sign off after every use of the Service, and close your browser to ensure confidentiality.
  12. No Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom employee will contact you via email or telephone requesting your user ID or password. If you are contacted by anyone requesting this information, contact us immediately.
  13. We strive to respect our customers desire for privacy. However, we will need to disclose some information about you to a third party in order to process the credit card charges. Additional privacy policies applicable to your use of the Service are contained in Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom's Privacy Statement which may be viewed at: www.wcvt.com.
  14. You agree to waive any claim or action against us for use of the Service, except where we have acted with gross negligence or willful misconduct. Where applicable, claims are subject to the limitations of liability provided in applicable tariffs and offerings.
  15. In particular, you agree that we will not be liable for any delays or failures in performance or for any interruptions arising from any cause or circumstance beyond our reasonable control. We also will have no liability if you do not have enough credit available to cover the payment transaction; if the Service wasn't working properly and you knew that before you started the transaction; and if circumstances beyond our control prevent the transaction.
  16. These Conditions of Use can be viewed at www.wcvt.com by first signing in to the Service using a valid user ID and password.
  17. By registering for and using the Service, you agree to these Conditions of Use, which are in addition to the terms and conditions for any other services that you receive from Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom, such as requirements of our tariffs, rules and regulations; the rules and regulations of any fund transfer system that we use, and any applicable state and federal laws and regulations.
  18. You agree that you will not transfer or assign these Conditions of Use and that any attempt by you to do so will be null and void. These Conditions of Use will be construed under the laws of Vermont.
  19. Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom may change the Conditions of Use for the Service at any time without prior notice. We will attempt to bring such changes to your attention when you next use the Service or by other means, such as by sending email to you. If you continue to use the Service after the effective date of a change, you will be indicating your agreement with the change.
  20. Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom may at any time, and without notice, withdraw the Service in its entirety, or restrict or prevent you from accessing the Service if we have reasonable grounds for doing so.
  21. You may cancel your registration for the Service at anytime by selecting the "Removal of Account" option.
  22. We make no representations or warranties of any kind with respect to the Service, including, but not limited to, warranties of fitness for a particular purpose or merchantability. We assume no responsibility with respect to any use of the Service. You agree that we shall not be liable for any special, incidental, indirect, punitive, or consequential damages or for the loss of profit, revenue, or data arising out of the Service. Furthermore, you agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from any actions, claims, damages, liabilities, or losses arising from your use of the service that is not in compliance with these Conditions of Use.
  23. If you have any questions concerning the Service and the Conditions of Use, please call Customer Service at 1-800-496-3391 or email us at onlinebilling@wcvt.com.