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Phone bills can be difficult to understand with all of the required state and federal charges that appear on your bill. We strive to present our bills in an easy to read, straightforward format that details your monthly charges. This guide provides additional details about each section of your bill.

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Department at 802-496-3391.

SmartHub bill1. Account Summary

Your phone number, account number and payment details.

2. Summary by Service Type

Reflects billing from previous month, along with any payments received.

3. Important Information

Be sure to watch this area of your telephone bill for important announcements and new service offerings.

4. Amount Due and Due Date

This shows your amount due and due date.

SmartHub bill5. Voice Services Summary

  • FCC Access Line Charge – This flat monthly charge was established by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) and is assessed to all incumbent local exchange carrier (ILEC) end users. This charge helps recover the costs related to the network infrastructure needed to make the telecommunication system work.
  • Features / Services – This is the total of your local telephone service, calling features, and any additional services related to your residential or business line(s).
  • Federal Excise Tax – This 3 percent tax is mandated by the federal government and is imposed on regulated telecommunications services.
  • Federal Universal Service Charge – This interstate telecommunications charge helps people in rural and high-cost areas, and income-eligible consumers, get access to telecommunications services at reasonable rates through programs and initiatives such as the Connect America Fund, Lifeline and the E-rate program for schools and libraries.
  • Vermont Universal Service Fund Charge – This state of Vermont approved charge pays for Enhanced 9-1-1, the Vermont Telecommunications Relay Service, and the Lifeline discount program.
  • Vermont Telecommunications Tax – This charge is imposed by the state of Vermont on goods and services. It is imposed on certain public utility services, including telecommunications companies.
  • Vermont State Sales Tax – This tax will appear on your billing statement if you lease or have purchased new hardware from us.
  • Public Education & Government Charge – A state mandated charge associated with providing local access channels, including Mad River Valley Television.

6. Internet Services Summary

This section details your internet service and equipment charges.

7. Cable / GMA Video Services Summary

This section details your Cable TV or GMA Video streaming video service and equipment charges.

SmartHub bill8. Long Distance

This section details your long distance calling charges.