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If you are looking for fast, affordable, high-speed Internet service with the best local technical support around, look no further. We offer a wide range of Internet services to meet all of your residential or business needs.

Speed1 Price2 Availability
10 Mbps $46.95/month Check Availability
25 Mbps $53.95/month Check Availability
50 Mbps $63.95/month Check Availability
100 Mbps $76.95/month Check Availability
500 Mbps $91.95/month Check Availability
1,000 Mbps $103.95/month Check Availability

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Each package includes:

  • Up to 5 email accounts
  • AntiVirus Scanning and email Spam filtering
  • Local, toll-free technical support
  • Exclusive access to

1Speeds listed are the maximum under optimal conditions; actual speeds are not guaranteed. High-Speed Internet service is a best effort service and actual speeds may vary based upon equipment and line capabilities, distance from the central office, atmospheric conditions, the users computer system (processor speed and RAM), speed of the Internet, and other factors.

2Pricing does not include basic rate for residential or business telephone line. High-Speed Internet service requires an active telephone line and modem. Applicable taxes, Federal Universal Service Fund Charge and equipment charges apply. Additional terms and conditions apply.