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Long distance service is available to purchase separately or save money with our Clearly Connected Bundles.

Local Telephone Service

  • Residential Base Rate: $24.95* / month
  • Business Base Rate: $31.75* / month
*Rates as of May 1, 2022. Monthly rates exclusive of taxes and other governmentally sanctioned fees and charges. Includes: voice grade access to the Public Switched Network, unlimited minutes of local usage, access to Emergency Services (911), and toll limitation services to qualifying low-income customers.

Calling Features & Services

Feature / Service Per Month
Anonymous Call Rejecting $2.25
Anonymous Call Screening $2.25
Call Forwarding $1.50
Call Return (*69) $2.25
Call Screening $2.25
Call Transfer $1.50
Call Waiting $2.25 residential / $3.25 business
Caller ID Name and Number $5.95
Internet Faxing Service Starting at $1.95
Personal Ringing $2.00
Preferred Call Forwarding (*63) $2.25
Priority Ringing (*61) $2.25
Repeat Dialing (*66) $2.25
Selective Call Screening (*60) $2.25
Special Call Acceptance (*64) $2.25
Telemarketing Call Screening $2.25
Voice Mail (Single Mailbox) $5.95
Wire Maintenance $5.95

Download our Calling Features and Services Guide

Bundle Up and Save Big with Clearly Connected Bundles

Clearly Connected Bundles, a simple, easy way to choose services while saving money. By bundling your local service, long distance and high-speed Internet service with Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom, you’ll not only get one low price and one bill, but also the great local service you’ve come to expect and deserve.

Long Distance Service

Green Mountain Long Distance Service, from Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom, is pleased to offer three competitive long distance calling options. Simply pay one rate, anytime, anywhere for all your long distance calls within Vermont and United States.*

You’ll love the simplicity of receiving a single, easy to understand bill for all your telecommunications services. Long distance, local calls, and Internet access – all from just one provider. What could be simpler?

Save on Your High-Speed Internet Service!

Residential customers can also chose one of our Clearly Connected Bundles and save even more on your high-speed Internet service (as low as $33.00* with a Clearly Connected 500 Bundle).

With Green Mountain Long Distance Service you’ll always get the outstanding local service that you’ve come to expect and deserve from Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom. Our employees are also your friends and neighbors.

Toll free numbers and competitive international long distance rates are also available. Please note, due to the dramatic increase in international long distance fraud, we have enabled international call blocking on all of our customer lines.  If you would like to unblock your line to allow outbound international calling, please call Customer Service at 802-496-3391.


8¢ Plan 13¢ Plan Canada Plan
Price $3.95 per month No monthly fee $4.95 per month
In Vermont 8¢ / minute 13¢ / minute 8¢ / minute
United States 8¢ / minute 13¢ / minute 8¢ / minute
Canada 24¢ / minute 24¢ / minute 12¢ / minute
*Rates exclusive of taxes and other governmentally sanctioned fees and charges. Usage is rounded up to the next whole minute per call for billing. All services are governed by terms, including terms of service, found at