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April 14th, 2017

About American Flatbread

American FlatbreadAmerican Flatbread is a pizza restaurant that reached back to the very beginning of bread baking and uses the same artisan methods: simple, wholesome ingredients shaped by hands of thoughtful caring people, baked in a primitive wood-fired earthen oven. Its menu features local, regional, and organic ingredients raised and harvested by area farmers, creating a sustainable, community-based, farm-to-plate network.Located in the Mad River Valley on Route 100 in Waitsfield, American Flatbread is housed inside an old barn on the property of Lareau Farm. The earthen oven and pizza preparation are at center stage inside the restaurant for all customers to see.

The Challenge

As a long-time customer of Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom (WCVT), American Flatbread came to us to discuss replacing their aging, hardware-based phone system due to its limited functionality. They were looking for a solution that would meet their current and future needs, but it also had to be competitively priced. American Flatbread was very committed to doing business locally and wanted to continue the great working relationship with WCVT if we could meet all of their requirements.

The Solution

Clay Westbrook from American Flatbread worked directly with WCVT Sales Manager Kris Merchant to design a new system that would satisfy their phone needs. The solution began with having WCVT expand our fiber optic network to serve American Flatbread and do a complete rewiring of the network at the restaurant. This enabled American Flatbread to replace its aging phone system with our Hosted IP Phone Service. It uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to convert the voice signal from phones into a digital signal that can travel over the internet.

The Benefits of Hosted IP

American Flatbread dining roomBesides being a cost-effective solution that’s competitvely priced, the new Hosted IP Phone Service provides American Flatbread with these features and benefits:

  • Very little upfront investment is required.
  • It’s easy to make the switch from a hardware-based system to Hosted IP Phone Service.
  • Secure and reliable, this solution automatically handles calls and messages during power outages.
  • It offers increased flexibility to easily expand the phone service as the business grows.
  • The service is self-managed through an intuitive web portal.
  • Mobility options are available for remote workers.
  • Maintenance is provided by WCVT, meaning no surprise repair, upgrade, or replacement costs.

For even more convenience, managers at American Flatbread use the Accession Mobile app (see sidebar) to have access to all features of the Hosted IP Phone Service from their mobile devices — anytime, anywhere. In addition, since American Flatbroad is now connected to WCVT’s fiber optic network, the restaurant is enjoying much faster internet speeds. This enhanced internet service, combined with Hosted IP Phone Service, helps to maximize employee efficiency and productivity.

Think Hosted IP might be the next step for your Business?

If you are a WCVT business customer and want to learn more about how our Hosted IP Phone Service can help your business, please contact Kris Merchant directly. He will gladly visit your business, discuss your current and future telecommunications needs, and develop specific service recommendations for you.

To find out how Hosted IP could save your business time and money, contact Kris Merchant, Sales Manager @ (802) 496-8554 or complete the form below.

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