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April 14th, 2017

A Vermont farm with a 19th century farmhouse and multiple outbuildings needed to expand their Wi-Fi coverage to other areas on the farm including a barn office and shop. Adding to the issues was the lack of cell phone coverage at their location.

~”This is EXACTLY what we needed!”

When you left the farmhouse, the Wi-Fi signal was dropped very low or altogether, and as soon as you entered the barn, you couldn’t surf the web, get text messages, listen to streaming music, or make phone calls.

The options were simple:

  • Keep the single internet connection to the house, and install moderately expensive outdoor WiFi antennae to blanket the barnyard with WiFi
  • Trench underground conduit and cable to hard wire ethernet cables to each of the outbuildings, then install more Access Points in those locations
  • Install our new Whole Home Wi-Fi Airties in the house and barns

We estimated that four AirTies units would cover the house (2) and 2 outbuildings. AirTies recommends that each meshed unit be within 35 feet of each other which worked perfectly for the shop next to the house and the barn just beyond the shop.