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April 3rd, 2017

Junction Auto Center Gets an Upgrade with WCVT Fiber Optics and Hosted IP Phone Service

About Junction Auto

Junction Auto Center is located in New Haven and has been specializing in the repair and maintenance of Subaru vehicles for more than 30 years. Customers get “big shop” service for a “little shop” price, right here in Vermont. Junction Auto Center has a dedicated team of mechanics to help customers maintain their vehicles, and the business is focused on providing superior service to every customer, every time they visit. Along with Subaru sales and service, Junction Auto Center also offers flatbed towing, quality body work, flywheel resurfacing, domestic vehicle work, and more.

The Challenge

As a long-time customer of WCVT, Junction Auto Center wanted to replace an aging, hardware-based phone system that had limited functionality. They were looking for a solution that would meet their current and future needs, but it also had to be competitively priced. Junction Auto Center was very committed to doing business locally and wanted to continue the great working relationship with WCVT — if we could meet their growing requirements.

The Solution

Junction Auto Center worked directly with WCVT Sales Manager, Kris Merchant, to design a system that could satisfy their requests. WCVT was able to expand our fiber optic network to serve Junction Auto Center, providing them the higher Internet speeds they needed to run their business. Additionally, Junction Auto Center replaced its aging phone system with our Hosted IP Phone Service with very little upfront investment. Besides being cost effective, the new phone system provides Junction Auto Center with these features and benefits:

  • A secure and reliable solution that automatically handles calls and messages during power outages
  • Increased flexibility to easily grow as needed
  • Easy self-management through an intuitive web portal
  • Mobility options for remote workers
  • Maintenance provided by WCVT, meaning no surprise maintenance, upgrade, or replacement costs

Want to Learn More?

If you are a WCVT business customer and want to learn more about how our Hosted IP Phone Service can help your business, please contact Kris Merchant directly. He will gladly visit your business, discuss your current and future telecommunications needs, and explain the role a hosted solution from WCVT can play.

Call Kris Merchant at 802-496-8554 or send an email to