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April 14th, 2017

VickeryHill Enjoys Cloud’s Efficiency From WCVT Hosted IP Phone Service

vickeryhill logoAbout VickeryHill

VickeryHill is a Web development and technology firm based in Warren, Vt., with additional employees working in New Jersey and Florida. The company’s goal is to help business owners operate better using the “anywhere access” of Internet technology. VickeryHill co-owner and president, Steve Butcher, has been a technology aficionado since childhood.

The Challenge

VickeryHill worked with a representative from WCVT to find a phone solution that not only met its bandwidth needs, but also provided cost-effective connectivity for all its employees on a hosted IP platform.

Steve’s wish list included the following items:

  • One platform and consistent user experience for all employees
  • Voice clarity
  • Self-management — No service calls for moves, adds, changes
  • Voice mail to email
  • Primary number Caller ID
  • Mobility — Ability to work remotely or in an alternative office on the fly

Butcher says, “I really liked the hardware-based phone system that I was using, but was open to looking at a new solution from WCVT because of the close working relationship we have with them. After demoing the hosted solution, I started to realize its full potential and how we could increase internal efficiencies and save money by eliminating the annual maintenance agreement with our hardware based phone system vendor.”

The Solution and Real-World Benefits

Shortly after the new Hosted IP Phone Service from WCVT was installed, its true benefits became apparent. VickeryHill employee Jake Robertson was able to put the mobility features to use in a real world scenario: “The bottom line,” says Robertson, “is my work didn’t miss a beat.”

He explains, “I needed to leave two days early for the Thanksgiving holiday to beat a storm that was gathering on my route from central Vermont to Northern New Jersey. I was able to make quick arrangements for a quiet space with good Internet access at my relatives’ home office. Then, in just three minutes, I packed up my hardware toolbox, which included the following items:

  • Lenovo laptop set up with a full suite of cloud and desktop applications
  • 15-inch travel Dell monitor
  • iPhone 5 set up with the WCVT Accession Mobile App

Robertson adds, “The phone was set up so I could send and receive phone calls in my temporary New Jersey office, just as though I were in Warren. Plus, I didn’t have to give my personal cell number to clients to communicate effectively with them. I was able to leave work at 5:00pm one evening, drive to my destination, and be completely set up to be productive at 8:00am the next day.”

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