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March 6th, 2024

The FCC has announced that April 2024 will be the last fully funded month for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) .  If you are a current participant in the ACP, it is crucial for you to be aware of following:

  • After the ACP funds run out (April 2024), you will no longer receive the ACP discount of $30.00.
  • The last monthly bill to include ACP benefit will be your April invoice.
  • Loss of ACP credit will increase broadband internet service by $30.00 starting with your May invoice.
  • Please note, your service will remain at the existing service level at the full undiscounted price when the ACP credit is no longer available.
  • To offset the increase in your bill, you may adjust your internet service to a lower cost plan. You may also check your eligibility for other federal low-income plans or opt out of the service at the end of the ACP funding.
  • For additional information regarding the ACP, please go to: FCC Affordable Connectivity Program Wind-Down.

Please visit our website for information on our available broadband options. You may also contact our Customer Service Department at 802-496-3391 with any questions, discuss service option plans, or to terminate your service.