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FM Radio Stations on Waitsfield Cable

View Local FM Radio Stations

Enjoy Local Radio Stations with Cable

With Waitsfield Cable you can enjoy your favorite local and regional FM radio stations from your cable connection.

More information on how to wire your stereo receiver to receive your local radio stations via your cable connection >

Stingray Music

View Digital Music Channels

Set Your Life to Music with Stingray Music at Home

Do you love music but hate the annoying interruptions of radio?  Do you wish you were more in-tune with the latest music trends? Or have you settled for living in silence? With Stingray, you can surround yourself with an unmatched music selection for a complete home entertainment system.

Pure, Continuous Stingray Music

Enjoy high-fidelity CD-quality stereo sound, 24 hours a day. The world’s biggest and best selection of digital music in dozens of formats. Without the DJ blather and commercials of radio or the need to constantly change the station, CDs or tapes.

On Stingray, Music Rules

You’ll hear your favorite music whatever that groove may be — from classical to country to chartbreakers. Or take a musical journey and sample new artists and genres from around the world.

Set Your Mood with Stingray Music

Want to relax? Tune into Stingray Easy Listening or The Chill. Boost your energy with Classic Rock, spice up a party with Jukebox Oldies or meditate with The Spa. With Stingray Digital Music,  listen to music music for the way you live — or wish you could.