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Combine the convenience of digital video recording with an integrated high-definition set-top box. Automatically find and record your favorite shows every time they’re on and pause and rewind live TV.

Motorola HD/DVR Set-Top Box

Our HD/DVR box is only $14.95* a month

  • Never miss your favorite shows
  • Fast forward through the boring stuff – you’re in control!
  • Pause live TV – Never miss a moment of your favorite shows
  • Watch live HDTV while you record another HDTV program!
  • Record live HDTV while you watch previously recorded HDTV programming! Record two HDTV programs at the same time!

*A set-top box is required for each television. In order to receive HD programming, you will need a high-definition television set and an HD/DVR set-top box from Waitsfield Cable. HD/DVR service not available to Basic Service Subscribers. Applicable VT sales tax and public, educational, and government surcharges apply.

Features & Benefits

Digital Cable Receiver

  • Interactive Digital Program Guide
  • Standard Definition Programming
  • HDMI High Definition Multimedia Interface

High Definition (HD) Tuner

  • All 18 input resolutions supported
  • Supports 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i output resolutions

DVR Features

  • Pause, Rewind and Play broadcasts
  • Instant Replay during broadcasts
  • Watch live HDTV or standard definition program while you record another HDTV or standard definition program
  • 160 GB hard drive
  • DVR Manual