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i-Guide®, is the industry’s most widely-deployed interactive programming guide and allows you to quickly and easily find what to watch among an expanding number of programming choices. i-Guide sports a crisp and clean user interface and fast, intuitive navigation to advanced interactive features such as HDTV and dual-tuner DVR’s. Take advantage of some of the great new features including: Watch in HD, Search and Record, DVR Menu and other features that make finding and recording shows a snap.

i-Guide Tutorials / User Guide

In no time, you’ll be able to Set Reminders, Favorites, Parental Locks, and use the Mini-Guide to find out what’s on next, while you continue to watch your favorite shows.

i-Guide Features

Features Include

  • Feature-rich guide with fast, easy access to Digital Cable services
  • “Quick Menu” providing easy access to Parental Locks, and DVR menus from anywhere in the guide


  • i-Guide makes it easy to find your favorite shows quickly. You can search for a specific title, by category or even view a list of HD channels. i-Guide makes it easy for you to find just what you’re looking for.
  • Simply access the Search Menu from the Quick Menu or Main Menu. You can search by category such as Movies, Sports or Kids, or search HD or PPV listings. Title Search allows you to use the virtual keyboard to search for a specific title. You can even save your search for easy access in the future.


  • DVR Features such as record, fast-forward, rewind and pause live TV
  • DVR Dual-tuner functionality in cable systems with advanced DVR boxes, allowing viewers to watch a recorded program while recording up to two other live programs at the same time, or watch live TV on one channel while recording a separate channel.

Program Guide

  • Accurate, updated program listings that include up to 14 days worth of future program information on select set-top boxes
  • Expanded grid space displaying three and a half-hours of upcoming programming and full title listings

Parental Controls

  • Streamlined access to parental controls by adding a Locks button to Quick Menu and easy-to-use Parental Controls button on the main menu
  • Easily lock out chosen programs by network, MPAA and TV Ratings, including purchase and category locks


  • Create up to five unique Favorites Lists – so each member of the family can have his or her personal list of favorite networks