Case Studies

Beefing up Cornerstone Burger Co.

Collaborating with VickeryHill to create a seamless and friendly experience at Cornerstone Burger. We upgraded their technology to demonstrate the bennefits of Managed Business-Class WiFi. Details

Web Developer trades in their ShoreTel

Easy online management, improved voice clarity, and the option to go mobile makes any business run more effeciently. VickeryHill and their satelite offices upgraded to our Hosted IP Phone Service, and they're loving it. Details

Martin’s Hardware

Fast fiber optic internet and easy to use, online-based phone service helps Martin's run smoothly. Keeping another family business equipped with the latest tech, but most importantly, supported by a knowledgeable team. Details

Bisbee’s Hardware & Home Center

Making it convenient for Bisbee's, their customers, and friends, with Hosted IP Phones and Hish-Speed Internet. Helping a small town business compete with the big names down the road. Details

American Flatbread

Aging, hardware-based telephone system with limited functionality needed upgrading for their Mad River Valley restaurant. Details

Liz Lovely Expands with SIP Phones

Introducing a growing business to an easy to use, feature heavy Hosted IP Phone Service allowed for low upfront costs and the ability to predict expansion as they add new faces to their team. Details


We designed a new Hosted IP Phone system to accommodate existing business practices and complexities. Keeping functionality consistent, helping our friends with the transition and planning for the future was important while working with a long-time customer. Details

Home & Barn Office

We drastically improved the Wi-Fi coverage and reliability at a Mad River Valley home and home tech office with AirTies meshed wireless Details

Family Farm with Outbuildings

Typical Vermont minor cell phone coverage with a lot of devices = time to step up the basic WiFi so that the technology works on this farm, including the outbuildings Details

Home with Basement and Additions

We see a lot of Vermont homes with multiple levels, long main levels, and just plain difficult building materials for transmitting wireless signals Details