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Many of today’s advanced home phone services require backup battery power to continue functioning during an outage.  Without a backup battery or alternate backup source such as a generator, customers will not be able to make any calls, including emergency calls to 911. The only way to maintain the ability to use your phone is by using some form of backup power.

A battery backup from WCVT will provide your Fiber Optic voice service with ample power to maintain your service during a commercial power failure for up to 8 hours on standby and approximately 4-5 hours of talk time. If you require longer standby protection WCVT offers additional batteries that can provide up to 24-hours of standby time.

WCVT’s backup batteries are rechargeable and have an estimated useful life span of 3-5 years. WCVT monitors the battery state and will be alerted should the battery fail to properly charge or maintain service during a commercial power failure. Our backup battery does not provide power to any services other than voice. Home security systems, medical monitoring devices and other equipment will not run on a home phone backup battery.

For more information on your battery model, please refer to the appropriate user guide listed below.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Service department at 800-496-3391 or send us an email.