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Setting Up Your New High Speed Internet Service

Learn how to configure your Zyxel DSL modem / gateway for high speed internet service.

DSL Filter Installation Guide

Setting up your new high-speed DSL service? This article shows you how to install the included DSL filters.

Protecting Your Computer and Related Devices from Electrical Damage

Power surges, outages or lightening strikes can be detrimental to electronics such as your DSL modem, router and computer. Green Mountain Access recommends proper surge protection for these devices.

Trouble Shooting Slow Connection Speed and “Drop” Issues

Slow speeds? Getting dropped while working online? Here is a basic trouble shooting checklist to avoid and/or resolve these issues.

Computer Viruses, Malware & Scams

Learn how to identify and remove a virus or malware.

What are the primary and secondary DNS addresses?

View GMA’s primary and secondary DNS addresses.

Antivirus Software

While we don’t support specific anti-virus programs, we strongly recommend your device be protected. Here’s a list of some of the more popular programs.