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Setting Up Your New High Speed Internet Service

Click here for our High Speed DSL Installation guide If you have any questions, please call Tech Support at 888-321-0815

DSL Filter Installation Guide

Every device in your home that is plugged into a phone jack EXCEPT for your  DSL modem/router, requires a filter (sometimes referred to as a line conditioner). Filters keep the data signal for your Internet service and your telephone signal from interfering with each other, which can cause issues with both your telephone and Internet […]

Protecting Your Computer and Related Devices from Electrical Damage

Power surges, outages or lightening strikes can be detrimental to electronics such as your DSL modem, router and computer. Green Mountain Access recommends proper surge protection for these devices. A DSL rated surge protector will suffice in most cases, but if your area is prone to power surges or outages, a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) […]

Trouble Shooting Slow Connection Speed and “Drop” Issues

Slow speeds? Getting dropped while working online? Here is a basic trouble shooting check list to avoid and/or resolve these issues. Reboot Your DSL Modem/Router Locate the Power cord plugged into the back of your modem (usually a thin, black cable) With your modem powered on, pull the power cord out of the back of the modem […]

Computer Viruses, Malware & Scams

What is a Virus or Malware? A virus is program, or piece of malicious code, that is loaded onto your computer without your knowledge and runs without any action from you. Viruses often replicate themselves and are capable of spreading typically through e-mail, but there are other ways such as through social media and certain […]

What are the primary and secondary DNS addresses?

Primary: Secondary:

Antivirus Software

Frequently, we are asked “What kind of antivirus program do you recommend?”  The short answer is ‘none’ as we do not provide or support any specific program. However, the following programs are worth your time to investigate and try! Also, don’t forget to keep your Windows AND Apple operating systems up to date! avast! avast! […]