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DSL Filter Installation Guide

Every device in your home that is plugged into a phone jack EXCEPT for your  DSL modem/router, requires a filter (sometimes referred to as a line conditioner). Filters keep the data signal for your Internet service and your telephone signal from interfering with each other, which can cause issues with both your telephone and Internet […]

MyBackup Installation Guide

Getting Started With MyBackup Open up your Internet browser, and go to Type your GMA email address and password, then click on Go to Application Portal Click on the New Apps tab at the bottom of the App Launcher, then click on the MyBackup icon to add it to your apps Click Sign Up and follow the steps shown below to […]

Cable TV Set-Top Box Wiring Options

Wiring Options For Your Cable TV Set-top Box The Motorola digital set-top boxes have several different wiring options. Here is an overview of each of them. As every configuration is slightly different based on your TV and any additional equipment you may be using, please select the one that works best for you. There are […]