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To report a trouble, contact our Repair Department 24 hours a day at 1-800-496-3393 or click here to submit an online repair request form. Please note, if you require after hours or weekend repair service, please contact our Repair Department at 1-800-496-3393.

  • Determine if it is one phone or all phones that don’t work.
  • Unplug all phones and test them one at a time.
  • If the problem is only with one phone, test that phone in another jack. If it still does not work, that phone is probably bad.
  • If the phone works in a different jack, go back to the jack where the trouble started and test it with a different phone. If neither phone works, there may be a problem with the wiring to that jack.
  • If none of the phones work after testing each phone and jack separately, the problem may be your wiring.

Wire Maintenance Plan – Avoid Costly Inside Wiring Repairs For Just Pennies A Day!

For only $5.95/month, you can subscribe to our Wire Maintenance Plan. This plan is designed to reduce the cost of possible repair charges and covers the inside wiring and jacks at your residence or business.

Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom (WCVT) is responsible for wiring problems that occur on the telephone company side of your Network Interface Device (NID), at no charge. You, however, are responsible for the maintenance of the wiring from the NID to your jack or equipment inside your premise. The Wire Maintenance Plan allows you to take advantage of our knowledge and expertise in protecting the telephone wiring within your home or business.  Without this plan, a $90.00 per hour inside wiring charge may apply if you choose for WCVT to repair your inside wire issue.