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Closed Captioning Service Setup

Click here for instructions on how to turn on/off Closed Captioning Service.

i-Guide Interactive Program Guide

i-Guide DVR Reference Manual

DVR Service Manual

View a PDF of the i-Guide DVR Reference Manual

Waitsfield Cable Channel Lineup

Download a PDF of the Channel Guide

Setting Cable TV Parental Controls

Many parents are concerned with their children accessing inappropriate content on TV. New technology now puts you in control of your children’s television viewing. The Television Industry’s TV Rating System, as well as the Parental Lock features and the Interactive Program Guide on your cable set-top boxes, allow you to control the programming your children […]

Cable TV Remote Troubleshooting Tips

If your universal remote control isn’t working, please check the following: STEP 1 – Press The CBL Button – Start by pressing the CBL button first and then POWER to turn on your set-top box. If that turns on your set-top box, try to change channels with your remote. If your remote is still not working […]

Cable TV Set-Top Box Wiring Options

Wiring Options For Your Cable TV Set-top Box The Motorola digital set-top boxes have several different wiring options. Here is an overview of each of them. As every configuration is slightly different based on your TV and any additional equipment you may be using, please select the one that works best for you. There are […]